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 What is rP clan all about?

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PostSubject: What is rP clan all about?   Sat Jan 04, 2014 8:45 am

Runkkupenkkaajat aka rP Clan is Enemy Territory scrimteam, consisting of all nationalities, unlike the name might say.

Runkkupenkkaajat was founded by inE. The actual founding date is missing, but the forum was set up 3.1.2014. It was started late 2013 anyway.

Basicly it's all about scrimming versus other teams. Forum is secondary tool and members ain't required to post nothing much. "It's easy way to share information" -Grins.

Runkkupenkkaajat have their own server for wars/scrims, for trickjump and a TS3 server.

To sum up: Competitive scrim group with good spirit.

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What is rP clan all about?
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